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I'm Juliet Le Breton, social entrepreneur, women empowerment activist, international development consultant and master communicator. But enough about me. How can I help you?

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A natural-born social entrepreneur and world traveller, Juliet is CEO of the Social Enterprise Sisterhood, a  growing alliance of women business leaders that are growing their businesses and empowering African women entrepreneurs to become financially independent. She is also an intercultural trainer, empowering high level decision makers to communicate, manage and motivate multinational groups across the globe.

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Founder & CEO, Social Enterprise Sisterhood

The Social Enterprise Sisterhood is a powerful global alliance of women entrepreneurs who want to give back to the world. We’re fighting for financial independence for women around the globe, we believe we’re stronger working together, to save the world and make our businesses soar. We care about the triple bottom line – doing social good, protecting the environment and earning enough revenues to give back enough to make a deep impact.

The sisterhood site is our campaign HQ: here we meet to share ideas, connect one another to resources and networks we need, get the skills, knowledge, mentoring and support we need to take our enterprises to the next level. Here’s where we make it all happen.

Founder & CEO, Women’s Enterprise Success Alliance

The Women’s Enterprise Success Alliance (WESA) is growing an unstoppable movement for women empowerment through enterprise development in Southern Africa.

Starting in Zimbabwe, WESA is supporting, training, connecting and coaching women entrepreneurs, helping them expand their businesses and support each other through peer mentoring groups. Over time this movement will snowball out across the region, as more and more women build the confidence, skills, savvy and networks to grow their businesses and attain financial freedom.

Global Impact Superhero Squad Leader

The Global Impact Superheroes are an elite team of successful entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference in the world, and have a global social or environmental impact. We’re leading the way with innovative enterprise social responsibility and unleashing audacious projects that save the world, empower women and combat poverty and injustice.

The Global Impact Superhero Squad equips successful global business leaders with the best strategies, tools, know-how and network of influencers so that together, we can save the world.

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