Discover, in one day, how you can change the world

Build a global impact legacy that supersizes your influence, income and impact

Are you a successful business leader who yearns to make a bigger difference in the world?

You are a successful business leader, proud of everything that you’ve accomplished. You’ve got the trappings of success – the house, the car, the team, the income you desire – for now, and it’s great.

Yet sometimes you can’t help wondering:

Is this it?

Surely there is more to life than a healthy bank account, a cabinet full of awards, a fancy car and being able to splash out on a Caribbean holiday? 

When you started your business, you wanted it to change the world. And you’ve done some amazing things that you’re rightfully proud of. You are busy. You have great friends. You have achieved so much. But when you have those moments of solitude of being quiet and still, you can hear that little voice calling to you:

There’s something missing.

That longheld dream of yours is still undone. You know the one. Save the rainforests. Stop sex trafficking. Rescue street children from a life of misery. End slavery. Empower women in developing countries so they can break out of poverty. Find a cure for cancer.

Every year, as you review what you’ve accomplished, there’s that moment when you feel that deep pang of regret – time is passing, and you still haven’t done it. You are still waiting. For the right time. For the right opportunity. For time to get the skills and knowledge you need. Meanwhile, you’re still growing your business. You’ve got commitments you can’t give up.

12 months later, you find yourself making that same tired old bargain with yourself – you’ll do it when you have more time. When you’ve got a bigger team. Soon.

Another year passes, with your dream diminishing, your heart cracking and withering, while you distract yourself from the aching emptiness with the frantic pace of success.

Yearning to make a difference
Change the world in just one day

What if you could change the world in just one day?

What if you could leverage your business platform so that you could get unstoppable momentum to accomplish your world-changing dream?

  • What if you could get the strategy, tools and contacts you need to help you achieve your audacious, global impact goal?
  • What if building your global social impact legacy actually grows your influence, positioning and client base, so that every do-good action you do multiplies your income, influence and impact?
  • What if you could hack the skills, strategies, networks and resources you need to shortcut your way to global impact – so you can get impact in less time than you’d imagined?
  • How will you feel when you open the invite to an exclusive influencer’s dinner with Angelina Jolie, Richard Branson and Melinda Gates at an upscale Manhattan restaurant after your keynote at the United Nations?

Is it time to become a global changemaker?

  • Are you feeling that old familiar surge of adrenaline and excitement at the prospect of actually making the impossible a reality?
  • Is it time to answer the call?
  • Is it time to get the impact, scale and sustainability you desire to make your global social good legacy and change the world forever?
  • Is it time to step up to your higher purpose and finally fulfill that dream?

Could you spare just one day to let out your inner philanthropist to build the global legacy you’ve always longed for?

Your business can propel your dream into reality…

so you can change the world faster, and with a bigger, longer-lasting impact than you can on your own.

All you need to do is leverage the power of the crowd: lead your staff, clients, suppliers and trade network to change the world with you.  You’ll reach your global impact goals a lot faster and they will amp up your impact. Imagine how much more momentum, speed and impact is created when a large group donates, advocates volunteers, or buys a special product or service that helps your cause.

Your brand, visibility and leadership status will soar.

Studies show that aligning your business to a relevant cause increases staff and client loyalty, and leads to greater sales and higher revenues.

The truth is, the world is waiting for you to take the next leap.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is…

To spend a virtual day with me uncovering how you can get the global social impact you desire while you build your brand, influence and revenue.

We’ll create your custom strategy to launch a campaign that makes a difference in a cause close to your heart, rallies your tribe to amplify your impact, opens doors to collaborate with global leaders, and grows your revenue through cause-based marketing.

Imagine starting 2017, feeling wired with excitement, confident and clear; knowing that you are living your purpose, and that your business and brand are on track to skyrocket in influence, income and global impact. 

Remember this?

(You will love this! Because you’re different…)

What cause moves you to want to take action? (1.46)

I’m a teeny bit excited about helping you reach your global impact goals. (2.46)

The future of the world lies in the hands of an extraordinary leaders. (2.50)


Hi, I’m Juliet, Leader of the Global Impact Superhero Squad.

Three fun facts about me:
1. When I was 10, I founded an animal welfare charity to rescue street dogs in my hometown. Since then I’ve never stopped trying to find a way to solve social and environmental problems.  I’m driven by impact.
2.  By choice, I live in a beautiful country in southern Africa, even though it isn’t always easy. The economy is in the pits – there’s 90% unemployment, and daily shortages of food, water, electricty and bank notes. (Plus the political situation is less than ideal.) I’m here to make a difference.
3. I’ve also got 25 years experience as an international development expert, having successfully acheived over 60 assignments in 26 countries for the United Nations, aid agencies, governments and multinational corporations. I am a TEDx speaker, including a talk on “Sex, Money and Divine Inspiration: how growing women’s enterprise will accelerate the end of AIDS in Southern Africa.”  I know what I’m doing.

Announcing the Global Impact Intensive

Unleash your global impact legacy and
supersize your influence, impact & income
in one awesome day

This is an exclusive  one day VIP Intensive where we meet in our superhero HQs (via a top-secret virtual video conference link) to map out your strategy for global impact.

We’ll go through the 5 step Global Impact Intensive FLAME kindling system to go from idea to impact in one day. You’ll map out your bold plan to change the world – and your business – for social good.

By the end of the day you’ll have a clear strategic actionable plan to get your company, team and clients actively engaged in supporting your cause.

Not only will you be able to finally make the difference to the world that you’ve longed for, you’ll also grow the influence, loyalty and reach of your company.

The Global Impact Intensive Road Map

Your world changing mission starts with an exclusive one-to-one (virtual) meeting with Juliet. Together we’ll develop your Global Impact Strategy.

Step 1: Focus on your chosen goal and path

Once you’ve chosen a global impact goal that’s close to your heart, we’ll identify the key impact levers where you can make a real difference. Today’s data makes it easier to find evidence of which interventions have the biggest ROI and global impact, and we’ll select one based on how well it aligns to your personal and business brand. We’ll match the issue or cause you’ve chosen to the Superhero Pathway you’ve chosen. By the end of this session, you’ll be clear on which global goal you’re working on, the main interventions you’re supporting, and how you can leverage your business platform to get global impact.

Step 2: Lead and rally the troops

When it comes to changing the world, you get to choose your social change team from the get-go. We’ll identify your strategic partners, rally your clients and followers to get involved, get excited and become champions for you, as they rally others to join your expanding platform. We’ll also make sure to leverage other resources, campaigns and platforms that are active in your cause and industry to amplify your impact. Reaching a global audience will expand the visibility, profitability and success of your business and catapault you to the level of global influencers. At the end of this session, you’ll have your roadmap of who to connect with, and how you are planning to engage with them, so that you’re ready to lead them to support and grow social impact movement (and ultimately your brand and business).

Step 3: Activate your impact mission

In this session, we’ll develop a plan for a powerful launch of your global impact campaign. We’ll strategise how to get influencers and media to publicise your cause and have your followers amp up your actions. We’ll identify key champions to magnify your reach and, what opportunities, platforms and channels and we can leverage. We’ll plan how to launch your movement with a mobilising event or online launch that is contagious, so that your impact will continue to snowball, deepen and grow.  Not only does that light you up but it gives you new ways to interact with your audience and tribe that are more meaningful than business as usual. At the end of this session you’ll have your launch plan in place.

Step 4: Magnify your impact for business & brand growth

Once you get in the world in a way that goes beyond your business, you get exposed to a whole new audience and you create unstoppable momentum for business growth, social impact and international influence. As you expand your social change work, we’ll uncover how to strategically share impact stories so that you can attract a global audience, leaders, influencers and media to build on your early wins and rev up the ripple effect of your actions. We’ll develop top-level messages that build excitement, contagion and desirability into your global impact story so that it leads to the growth of your brand and business, as well as deepens your impact. As we wrap up this session, we’ll have your impact story and key impact messages mapped out so you can leverage your impact to grow your brand and your business and magnify your impact.

Step 5: Establish sustainability and scale

Just like you have a strategic plan for your business, you can also have a strategic plan to grow and scale your social change efforts. As a business leader you’re in a strong position to maximise impact. In this final session, we’ll figure out how to get your impact mission sustainable and scalable.. We’ll plan out how to leverage your social impact for cause-based marketing to build your brand and influence and build a viable revenue source to ensure you can keep going as long as you there’s an impact to be had. The upshot is that your business increases sales, supporters and global reach, your employees’ productivity will shoot through the roof and your cause will get the long term publicity, funding and impact to achieve your audacious world changing goal. Win-win-win-win. Now that’s impact!