Wake up! It’s not about making billions!


Dear Davos Delegate,

You think you can do it all by yourself, because you have resources, influence and power.

Don’t be fooled – you need help.

You are mucking it all up, you know.

It’s not about making billions any more.

Billions of dollars are just worthless bits of paper or collections of 1s and 0s floating around in the ether…. We know the whole thing is a con.

Money only works when people trust it.

You are not seeing the warning signs.

The world is waking up.

People have lost faith in the banking system, in money and

–what you haven’t seen, what you haven’t wanted to face – is that also means you.

We are losing faith in you.

You see, it’s not about making billions.

It’s about helping billions.

Time is running out, because despite your confidence, and your skills, resources and networks – the tide is turning.

It’s time to wake up to what’s really going on.

Right now, you have the power, but it is waning, fast.

Power is a renewable resource. And the thing you’ve never really understood is that you don’t need money to renew it.

What fuels power? You knew it once.

All you need to do is get quiet – to listen – and to remember.

Power is fuelled by integrity.

And integrity is all about giving a damn – and taking daily action  – to benefit people and the planet.

Not just what you see as “your people”.

You sometimes forget – allow me to respectfully remind you – that we are your people.

There is only one group of people on Earth, despite political, nationalistic and religious rhetoric to label us as different and divide us accordingly.

We are one. Don’t forget that.

Remember who you are.

You are a leader. You are a someone who can change the future – for yourself, for your family, and also for humanity.

You know, that in order to get to the next level, in order to keep growing and thriving, you need to change – your focus, your attitude, and your way of working.

You need to change yourself.

Please change yourself.

And then let’s change the world.


Don’t be fearful. We don’t hate you.  

Even though we have been left out and may never walk the hallowed corridors of Davos, Aspen, Chatham House and Necker – we are not here to berate you, though at times our frustration may spill into emotion.

We are here to help.

We are here to simply remind you:

Remember who you are.

Remember why you are here.

On Earth.

At Davos.

Remember how you always wanted to be a superhero?

To do great deeds to save humanity and be loved and respected by all?

You still can.

There is still a chance, though it is decreasing by the minute.

There’s still time to do something incredible, to build a global good legacy and to be remembered and loved forever.

You can’t do it alone, please seek the help you need.

Gather the intel, the strategy, the tools and partnerships you need to really make a difference.

Business must become a force for good. If it does not, it will fall away, and be overtaken by the rise in social entrepreneurship and more enlightened ways of exchanging good and services.

We are sick of exploitation and greed.  

And we no longer tolerate it.

Politicians must embrace a kinder way, a democratic way, a fairer way of making decisions and commitments, and aligning laws and policies accordingly.

And we must embrace new forms of collaboration.

You must be willing and able to listen and respect and share everyone impacted by what you do.

Your ripple effect is global.

Allow us to help you shape the future we all want.

One that is more equitable. Brighter and kinder. And truly sustainable.

We stand with you.

Come stand with us.

And always, always —

Remember who you are.

Remember your integrity.

And take action accordingly.


There’s no time to lose. 

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Juliet Le Breton is an international development consultant with 25+ years experience advising leaders, policy makers, activists and advocates.