Neo, where are you?!!


I am on a quest to assemble a legion of superhero leaders who have made their mark and are ready to make a difference. Is that you?

And Neo who? Think Keanu Reeves. And also Malala, Think Angela Merkel. Think Richard Branson. Think Oprah. And Melinda Gates. And you. It’s time to hear the call!

There is something in the world you want to change. Something that irks you or makes you feel incredibly sad. Well I say “Enough!” It’s time to make step up and lead the change you want to see. Let’s help you get the confidence, strategy, tools and superhero team on board to get it happening.

I’ve teamed up with the incredible coach, actor and activist Dawn Trautman to host a pop up international Superhero Impact Training held in NYC on Wed 22 May – that’s next week! Jump on the details below and hit me up with any questions – we’d love to hear from you.