Keep hope alive


⚡️The lull in the storm. ⚡️

You pick yourself up, dazed and bruised, after the storm.

You feel bedraggled, drenched to the skin, shaken and sad after all that you’ve been through.

You’ve made it so far, but you can see the threatening stormclouds regrouping for the next assault.

You check that you still have all your limbs and your family.

You gather the remnants of your sanity.

“A week is a long time in politics.”

— yes, you know that old saying.

But that’s in normal circumstances.

And there is nothing normal about the thunderheads all around.

People are losing their homes.

They are being hunted, beaten up, raped, starved.

Your neighbours are bleeding. 😪

And your heart bleeds for them.

You ache for justice.

You yearn for rescue.

For peace.

For normal life.

Your deepest fear – What if this is your new normal? 

What if you have been given this brief minute – day – week – to 
breathe, before the next onslaught comes.

– The nightly terror as people are pulled from their homes. 
the narrowing of horizons, the loss of hope.

– The full time struggle to stay away from trouble.

– The whispered conversations.

– The unfulfilled dreams shelved, for today, for this minute, perhaps for this lifetime.

– The relentless need to watch what you say…
who you speak to.. what you do…
…to keep the hyenas at bay.

And all the while, you know what’s going on, and yet you can’t speak out – you daren’t —
— until you despise your own cowardice.

All the while, the storms lash.

And you hold on.

❤️ Here is my message to you – to me – to all of us: ❤️

If this is only a lull – a brief breathing space – use it wisely.

Use it to bring people together, not to divide them.

Use it to reach out and help your neighbours, your friends, your family.

And to remind ourselves, that we are united by what we do want, not divided by anger and jealousy.

We are all scared and confused and angry and lost.

All we want is to find our way home. 🇿🇼

We are the same — the hunters and the hunted.

And as long as we are all driven by fear and desperation, we can’t break the cycle.


❤️ There is always hope.❤️

Your hope may be battered and bruised and shrunken, but look within – 
you will find it in your heart and soul.

Find it and don’t let go.

Guard it, like the precious thing it is, and find a way to feed and nourish it.

Hope saves lives.

Hope changes the world.

Hope changes everything.

So keep it safe. And if you can, share it.

Courage is looking out for one another despite your fears.

Courage is sharing hope when everyone thinks all is lost.

It’s a traumatic, awful time we’re going through – yes.

It feels like the end of the world – yes.

And yes, – another wave is coming.

❤️ But hope and life and the chance to rebuild and grow and thrive – 
— none of that can be swept away. ❤️

You are resilient.

You are brave.

You are a miracle.

Keep the hope alive.

Because, you are made for amazing things in this world.

And the world – and you – can’t squander that.

Keep hope alive, and it will give you strength.

Share it and you will strengthen others.

After every storm – even the most fearsome ones – the sun always comes out.

Always, always –

❤️ Remember who you are. ❤️

You are someone who makes peace..

– who walks in love,

– who makes such an incredible impact in your family, community and the world.

You are going to make it.

Hold onto that hope, with every ounce of strength you can summon.

☀️ Sunny skies are coming. ☀️

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