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  1. Interesting concept. But will this new label really HELP the women who are running their businesses to feed their families and educate their children? Does this LABEL cause change – or does that happen through better education of best practices for business that is directed DIRECTLY at the women business owners?

    Because at the end of the day, she can’t feed her children with a label. She can ONLY do that with money. Is the label for the women in Africa or are they really for the first-world who need a label before they can support something?

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      Kim – great comment, thanks! No, of course a label on its own does not create social change. That’s why this programme is unique – we’re going to include a major consumer awareness media campaign to encourage consumers to buy goods and services with the label on. Studies show that consumers in the US (and Europe) will pay MORE for products that have a social cause. Of course Zimbabwe has a difficult economic environment and, we can’t expect people to pay more than they would for their usual brand – but if the product/service is competitive in price and quality, plenty of shoppers here will buy one that supports a cause they care about. Since women control 80% of spending, we hope that persuading them to support their “sisters” in business will be an easy sale. So the theory is that women business owners who can use the label on their products and marketing materials will increase sales and grow their market share, so their businesses become more profitable. And the social change occurs naturally as women in business become more successful, gain more confidence and continue to develop their skills, businesses and invest in their families and communities, contributing to an upward spiral of development and positive change. (At least, we hope so – it’s never been done before, check back for the real results in 5 years time – lol!)

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